Family Discipleship

We are committed to encouraging and supporting families at St Ebbe's as they raise their children in the 21st Century.


Our goal is to help parents have the confidence to give their young big truths they will grow into rather than light explanations they will grow out of.


To help realise that goal we believe that strong intergenerational relationships in the church, a youth and children’s ministry which actively partners with parents and a recognition of the significant role of men to provide spiritual leadership are important as the young grow to live for the Lord Jesus. 


The Associate Minister for Families provides help though area-based Parenting Forums, pastoral visits ongoing contact through St Ebbe’s Sunday Services and regular website links to provide active support and encouragement of parents.


Parenting Forums

Please email for more information

(1) The roots and foundations of thinking about sex and the young. 

February 9th, 7.45pm, Radley, Abingdon

February 16th 7.45pm, Central Oxford 

March 2nd, 7.45pm, North Oxford

March 9th, 7.45pm, Pangbourne


(2) Teaching our children about sex.

March 30th, 7.45pm, Central Oxford.

April 6th, 7.45pm, North Oxford.

May 4th, 7.45pm, Radley, Abingdon.

May 11th, 7.45pm, Pangbourne. 


(3.) Why the naughty step isn't always the answer: disciplining our children.

June 8th, 7.45pm, Radley, Abingdon.

June 15th, 7.45pm, Pangbourne.

June 22nd, 7.45, Central Oxford.

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