‘I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel’ Philippians 1:4

The good news of life in Jesus Christ is for all people from every nation. At St Ebbe’s a significant portion of our budget goes to supporting and partnering those involved in sharing this good news, both in the UK and overseas. There are two groups who are dedicated to this task, made up of volunteers from the various congregations of St Ebbe's, plus one member of staff.

Overseas Partners Support Group (OPSG)
St Ebbe's church has the privilege of supporting a number of Overseas Partners in different parts of the world, serving Christ in a variety of ways.  Partners are supported in prayer, by Fellowship and Roots Groups, in the church prayer meetings and services, and their prayer requests are included in the monthly Prayer Diary.  We also support many of them financially.  This support is co-ordinated by the OPSG.  

They help with the provision of ongoing support for Partners which will include, meeting up with them on their visits to the UK, providing back-up for the Fellowship Groups who support them and allocating the finance.  They will also interview prospective Overseas Partners and, where appropriate, seek to help in their preparation for going overseas.  They also arrange the annual 'World Focus Prayer Meetings' in Headington and the City, which all members of St Ebbe's are encouraged to attend.
For more information email Annabel Heywood

United Kingdom Mission Group (UKMG)
The UKMG functions in a similar way to the OPSG, with an emphasis on supporting bible teachers in the UK. This is done by supporting individuals who are considering going into ministry (e.g. church apprentices), those who are in training (e.g. at theological college) and those active in set apart gospel ministry, especially in projects with a focus on evangelism. Alongside supporting individuals, the UKMG supports also supports organisations which have links with St Ebbe’s. This support is both in prayer and financial, so if you are interested in finding out more, please send an email.

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