Our warmest congratulations to Hannah & David Simcock, married earlier today @StEbbesChurch Picture anyone?2 weeks 3 days ago
RT @newhorizonni: It always makes sense to live for the Living God, even if everybody else is going in the opposite direction. Vaughan Robe…2 weeks 4 days ago
RT @EAUKnews: We're joining with @CSW_UK @OpenDoorsUK and @ReleaseInt to call for practical help and asylum for Christians in Iraq http://t…2 weeks 4 days ago
RT @JustinWelby: Have written again on Iraq, what can we do? At least be generous to the persecuted and refugee: http://t.co/9QybbRl2Zj #We2 weeks 4 days ago

Welcome to St Ebbe's

We are a large, friendly evangelical church

We believe passionately that Jesus Christ is alive today and is the loving ruler of the universe. The purpose of our life as a church is to bring glory to him by helping people come to know him for themselves and then grow together as his disciples.

We hope you will find this website useful. If this is your first visit then When we meet is a good place to start.  If you are wondering what Christianity is all about then What Christians believe is for you. We welcome your feedback, comments and questions.

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